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"Hair Club is the second-best decision I’ve made in my life—the first is my husband.”

- Lisa B.

Xtrands+® | Client since 2011


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Lisa's Journey

At the age of 32, teacher and army reserve officer Lisa B. discovered an area of exposed scalp on her crown. Initially, she hid her hair loss with wigs and weaves, but they didn’t stand up to her active lifestyle and, over time, her condition worsened. A visit to her dermatologist revealed that she had alopecia totalis, a form of alopecia areata that leads to the complete loss of hair on the scalp. Devastated, Lisa wondered how she would deal with her hair loss if she were called to active duty. “I even considered leaving the military if I couldn’t find an option,” said Lisa.

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Lisa B.  |  Xtrands+® Client
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Lisa Today

Lisa learned about Hair Club through a friend and scheduled an appointment. The hair loss expert she met immediately put her at ease. After exploring her goals and options, together they found the solution that was right for Lisa’s unique hair loss condition. Lisa’s new style makes her feel beautiful and she’s thrilled that hair loss no longer stands between her and the things she loves to do, including working out and serving her country. “Hair Club is the second-best decision I’ve made in my life—the first was my husband.”

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