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"Before Hair Club, I never had a good hair day. Now, every day is a good hair day."

- Lori B.

Xtrands+® | Client since 2014


Lori portrait image before Hair Club

Lori's Journey

Several years ago, Lori’s hair loss began to dramatically impact her life. She was uncomfortable doing the things she used to love, like swimming or even walking along the beach. And hair loss made her sales career in the hotel industry more difficult, too. As confidence in her appearance waned, she felt hair loss holding her back. “When I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who looked so much older. I didn’t recognize myself anymore,” said Lori. She tried hiding her hair loss with different products, but eventually thinning at her hairline became impossible to cover up. “One day you just wake up and realize you have to do something about your hair loss. I had to find a real, permanent solution,” said Lori.

Lori's before and after image

Lori B.  |  Xtrands+® Client
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Lori's Before & After

Lori scheduled an appointment with Hair Club after hearing about it from a friend. At her complimentary consultation, she was surprised at how much information she was given, and all the options that were available to her. She loved wearing her hair long, and wanted a solution that would work in business and at the beach. Xtrands+ was the answer. With help from her hair loss expert, Lori chose a style she loved and was able to get back to the life she’d been missing. Now, Lori beams with confidence, “I just wash, dry and go. It’s so natural-looking, no one can tell.”

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