You may look up at the silver screen and think Hollywood’s leading men don’t have to worry about hair loss. But, according to the American Hair Loss Association, by age 35, two-thirds of American men will have some form of noticeable hair loss. The bottom line is that whether you are strolling the streets of Hollywood, California or Terre Haute, Indiana, many more men than you might think are making choices about how to handle their hair loss.

Are you experiencing hair loss? You don’t have to accept it. You have options. Check out the hair on these seven superstars and then learn more about which proven hair loss solutions can give you these same A-list looks. To see more famous actors who are looking less bald these days, check out this article from Buzzfeed.


John Travolta

John Travolta is not only remembered for his signature dance steps in movies like Grease, Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction—he’s known for always sporting a full head of hair. But, if you look at older photos of him, you’ll notice he has a lot more on top now than he did in previous years.


Jamie Foxx

This hugely-talented actor has a rock-solid hairline that stands up to his Oscar-winning performance in Ray. Whether that hairline has been restored or not, we’ll let you decide. Either way, he looks as dapper as ever.


Steve Carrell

One of TV’s premiere funny men, when his hit series The Office first aired, Steve seemed to be losing some hair in the front and on top. Now, he’s all smiles with a full head of hair—and that kind of confidence is no laughing matter.


Matthew McConaughey

This leading man is known for transforming his appearance to deliver Oscar-winning performances. He may have also chosen to transform his hair line. Have a look at some photos of Matthew from years past and you be the judge. Either way, his thick, wavy hair looks incredible.


Nicolas Cage

From Moonstruck to Face Off, this Hollywood star has been a leading man for decades. Being in the public eye so long has given us the ability to see his hairline change over the years. Whether he restored his hair or not, his thick, healthy-looking mane still looks handsome.


Jeremy Piven

This actor played the infamous Ari Gold on the hit show Entourage. Is his balding-to-bold hair just as infamous as his character? Who knows—but his full head of healthy hair makes him look at least 10 years younger!


Billy Bob Thornton

This Academy-Award winner has been in the spotlight for years—giving us a front row seat to his changing hairline. Whether he enhanced his hair or not, his handsome and age-appropriate style flatters his best features.

Are you wondering whether these hunks restored their hair and if you should do the same? Discover Hair Club’s proven hair loss solutions, including surgical and non-surgical options. Find a location near you and come in for a free consultation and learn what you can do to get the hair you want.

No celebrities featured in this blog post are Hair Club clients.

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