Just in time for the summer, short hair seems to be all the rage. From bobs and pixies for the ladies to buzz cuts and skin fades for the gents, short hair is in. Check out these hot styles that will keep you cool as the temperatures soar. Plus, they’re great options to help thinning hair look fuller!

4 Cuts for the Guys

1. High and Tight

This is a simple style to wear and an easy one for your barber to create. Ask for a high and tight on the sides using a one or two on the clippers, and fade up. Leave the hair about an inch longer on top. Add a side part and comb in a little matte pomade to keep it in shape.

2. Long front, short back

A great style for men with thinning or receding hair is a cut that leaves hair longer up front and shorter everywhere else. This style helps give the illusion of fuller hair. Add some styling product such as a pomade or hair wax to beef up strands.

3. Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut never goes out of style and requires almost no maintenance. Ask your barber to use a number one on the clippers and hold them tight to your scalp. Give some thought to the shape of your head before taking the plunge—it can be a dramatic change if you’re not used to this style.

4. Skin Fade

Try this buzz cut with a little more style. Ask for a skin fade up the sides and back, blended into any length you want on top. Our advice—go for a shorter length on top of your head. It’s easier to manage and helps keep you cool.

4 Styles for the Ladies

1. Asymmetrical

Everyone has a good side. Ask your stylist for an asymmetrical cut that leaves one side longer than the other. The longer side will frame your face (on your best side of course!) and the shorter side will keep you cool all summer long. This is a great option for ladies with thinning hair as it allows you to sweep all the hair on top of your head to the longer side, which adds fullness. Plus, it’s a chic style that’s fashion-forward and funky.

2. Pixie

Think Tinkerbell and fairy dust. This magical and simple cut looks elegant when slicked back, sporty when it’s a little mussed, and sharp for the office when tucked behind your ears. Opt for piece-y layers that add texture and edge to your style. To tame unruly hair, work a shaping product like mousse or hair paste through your strands while it’s still wet.

3. Short Bob

Chin length and full of volumizing layers, this face-flattering cut highlights eyes and cheek bones. The other great thing about this short, but not too-short style, is that it’s easy to try some trendy color streaks without looking overdone.

4. Mid-Length Bob

Smooth, sleek and blunt cut, this classic style falls exactly half way between your chin and shoulders. Face framing and full of movement, this is the perfect choice to show off your neck and frame your face.

Whatever style you decide to go with for your summer fun, remember to protect your hair and scalp from prolonged exposure to the sun, pool and salt water. These elements can damage the sensitive skin on your scalp and dry your hair—leading to breakage and the appearance of thinning hair. Combat damage and thinning hair with our proven hair loss products and services. We’ll help you get the hair you really want this summer so you can enjoy the freedom of trying any hairstyle you desire!

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