Success Stories

Confronting Hair Loss Turned Dan Into a Superhero


When Dan M. graduated from college, he felt ready to take on the world. The Toronto native landed his first job as a dispatcher for a large transportation company. With profits on the line every day, it was a demanding career. Eventually, the stress began to take its toll. It was around this time that Dan developed an inflammatory condition on his scalp, which eventually led to hair loss. Dan went to a dermatologist where he received a prescription, but it didn’t give him the results he wanted. “I was lost, angry and upset. It was affecting me emotionally as much as it was physically,” said Dan.

The Decision to Fight Back Against Hair Loss

When Dan’s family and friends started commenting on how thin his hair was becoming, he knew it was time to take action. One night, when he was watching television, a Hair Club commercial appeared. Dan decided right then to schedule a consultation. “In that first appointment, I realized Hair Club was like the BMW of hair loss solutions,” said Dan. “The education they provided and the understanding they had of the issues surrounding hair loss was unmatched.”

A Real Solution for Hair Loss

With guidance from the Hair Club team, Dan chose a solution called Xtrands+® that was customized just for him—and he loved the results. When Dan looked in the mirror, he saw someone who had been missing for a long time. “It was like seeing your best friend after you thought you might not see them again,” said Dan. “I saw myself with the smile and bright eyes I remembered.”

With a full head of thick hair, Dan waited outside Hair Club in the parking lot for his wife to pick him up. When she realized it was him, she ran to him with tears in her eyes. “It was the first time we took a picture together in a long time,” said Dan.

How Restoring His Hair Transformed Dan’s Life

When Dan posted a selfie on social media, some of his friends commented on how he looked like Superman. “I guess I got the Clark Kent haircut,” said Dan. “I may not be the real Superman, but I felt like I could take on any challenge again!” Dan’s hair ended up changing his life. He put his Clark Kent look to good use by joining the Iowa League of Heroes, a non-profit organization that arranges “superhero” visits to sick children in hospitals. And, with his newfound confidence, his career as a singer/songwriter took off and he now gets acting and modeling jobs.

Dan’s Advice to Other Men Struggling with Hair Loss

Dan wants other guys who are dealing with hair loss to know they have options. “Hair Club gave me a second chance, and I feel like myself again,” said Dan. “They can help you like they’ve helped me, and you can get back to being yourself again. It’s a great feeling!”

If you’re tired of living with hair loss, Hair Club can help. Our proven solutions are customized for your specific needs and work for anyone, at any age, with any level of hair loss. Since 1976, we’ve helped more than 600,000 clients restore their hair and transform their lives. Find out what we can do for you. Schedule your free, private consultation with one of our hair loss experts today.