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For EXT® Client Lavon, Regrowing His Hair Was Life Changing


In his early 20s, Lavon noticed his hair thinning on top and his hairline receding. At first, he didn’t feel like it was a big deal, but as time passed, his hair loss progressed. Like many men, Lavon hid his thinning hair by wearing hats. He even bought one in every color to match all his outfits. His hats became part of his everyday look and he wore them both at work and on weekends.

Hair Loss Is Progressive, and Hats Don’t Help

“The hats made it easy to cover up my hair loss, which was good in the short term. But, the downside is that they allowed me to ignore my hair loss problem for a long time,” said Lavon. “Just like a lot of other men, I became accustomed to wearing hats all the time and not having to think about my hair loss.”

Lavon’s thinning hair really began to impact his self-esteem when he changed professions and could no longer wear a hat to work. From the first day at his new job, Lavon felt very uncomfortable. “I felt like my hair loss made me look older than I was,” said Lavon. “I thought I was too young to be losing my hair.”

The insecurity he felt at work finally spurred him to take action. Lavon began searching for hair loss products, but the available options were discouraging. “I was losing hope,” he said. That is, until he discovered Hair Club.

Lavon recalls seeing a Hair Club commercial on television. “I called that same night,” he said. “That call changed my life.”

Solutions for Men’s Hair Loss

Lavon went to his free consultation at Hair Club. There, he learned that his level of hair loss made him an ideal candidate for the EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® solution ("EXT program"), which includes Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved topical treatment clinically proven to regrow hair and slow the progression of hair loss. He became a client that same day.

After ignoring his hair loss for so long, Lavon knew getting his hair back would require a commitment. As Lavon moved through the EXT® program, over time, he noticed less hair in the shower drain and in his comb. Within a few months, he was excited to see new hair growing where he had previously seen none. Lavon is now thrilled to report that his commitment to the EXT program paid off—in the form of growing his hair back.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Lavon. “I can run my hands through it. I can pull on it. It’s my hair. My hair grew back!”

Lavon has been a Hair Club client since 2011 and he’s never looked back. Today, Lavon only wears hats when he wants to. And best of all, he enjoys a whole new level of confidence at work—and in life. Lavon shares his story to help other men who feel powerless when it comes to hair loss. “I had lost all hope in the beginning, but Hair Club gave me a reason to hope. It changed my life.”

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