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EXT Extreme Hair Therapy: Hair Loss Treatment

You can nurture and regrow your hair with EXT Extreme Hair Therapy for early hair loss treatment.

Thousands of HairClub Clients benefit from EXT Extreme Hair Therapy. Most helpful in the early stages of hair loss, EXT uses products plus FDA-cleared low-level laser light and scalp massage to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and regrow hair. This multi-faceted solution pairs in-center and at home therapies. It is a powerful bundle of these premium regrowth products and solutions.

EXT is about prevention and maintenance. It can regrow hair, depending on the stage and causes of hair loss. Each person’s hair loss is different, and that’s why every HairClub solution is customized to each Client. EXT Extreme Hair Therapy hair loss treatment is tailored to your specific type of hair and hair loss. 

Your Free HairClub EXT Consultation

Your first EXT consultation at HairClub includes a comprehensive Hair Health Analysis, including HairClub’s TrichoView imaging. TrichoView is named for Trichology, the para-medical science of the hair and scalp. It provides a magnified view of hair loss versus what the naked eye sees in the mirror every day. This painless imaging process enables the HairClub team to accurately observe your stage and type of hair loss. Your Hair Health Expert will project the image magnification of your scalp and hair onto a screen for you to see. This helps to identify effective solutions, including EXT. 

Am I a candidate for EXT?

Not everyone is a candidate for EXT. It works best during the early stages of hair loss. Hair must still be growing out of the hair follicle for EXT to work. That’s why joining HairClub early, as soon as possible, is so important. By the time hair has stopped growing out of the follicle, nothing can grow it back. People who have hair loss in the family should consider coming to HairClub before they can see hair loss in the mirror. Using TrichoView as part of a comprehensive hair health analysis, your HairClub Hair Health Expert will determine if EXT is your solution. Because by the time hair loss is visible to the naked eye, hair loss is already well in progress. 

Your hair is not going to grow back by itself. It needs HairClub and you!

The EXT solution is a lifestyle. You have to keep it up for it to keep working. It takes time to recreate hair growth. Just like anything where the body undergoes a change to transform itself, maintaining those changes and being patient as it rejuvenates is the secret to its success. EXT keeps the hair follicle in a growth state, so stopping the treatment early or altogether and hair loss will resume.

EXT is a Team Effort

EXT Extreme Hair Therapy is a whole hair solution and addresses both scalp health and hair health. HairClub’s Hair Health Experts prepare a tailored EXT treatment in-center for each HairClub Client. The visit includes scalp cleansing, and elixir, scalp massage to increase blood flow and FDA-approved laser hair therapy. Laser devices promote healthy hair growth and reverse miniaturization. The laser also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Hair regrowth depends on a healthy scalp and each of these are important components of the EXT hair loss reversal process. 

Clients who chose EXT also receive a six-step system to use at home including rejuvenating elixir containing Minoxidil, the FDA-approved topical hair regrowth ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair. 

  • Shampoo
  • Cleanser
  • Conditioner
  • Supplements
  • Scalp massager

In follow-up visits every month, Hair Health Experts will digitally track your hair regrowth in real time using TrichoView. Book a free consultation today at one of our 120+ HairClub Centers near you and let’s begin your EXT journey. Schedule a free consultation today!

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