Hair Loss

Hair loss is complicated. Solutions don’t have to be.

At HairClub, every day is an opportunity for hair loss awareness. We’re especially glad for platforms like National Hair LossAwareness Month to educate and share the good news. Are you ready?


You CAN have the hair you want.

You DO have options.

You WILL love your hair again.


That’s why more than half-a-million members have chosen HairClub.Belong to HairClub and enjoy fully customized hair solutions forall types and stages of hair loss. We offer proven products and services, plus support and encouragement. These are the hallmarks of HairClub.


Understanding hair loss: become hair aware.


With HairClub on your side, you never have to facehair loss alone again. We understand. We’ve been there. Many of our hair lossexperts are also HairClub members. They found answers within our family of services and solutions, and you can, too.


It helps to understand why hair loss happens and how HairClub can help. Take this quick quiz to test your hair loss knowledge.


What is hair loss?

A.     Losing more than 100+ hairs daily.

B.     When patches of the scalp become visible.

C.     Thinning or receding hair.

D.    All of the above.


Who has hair loss?

A.     Only men have hair loss.

B.     Men and just a few women.

C.     Patients experiencing illness.

D.    Anyone can experience hair loss.


What can I do about my hair loss?

A.     Stop wearing hats.

B.     Try several products from your local drugstore.

C.     Search the internet for DIY ideas.

D.    Call the hair loss experts at HairClub.


What about permanent hair loss solutions?

A.     HairClub partners with our sister company Bosley throughout the United States for surgical hair restoration.

B.     Surgical options include Follicular UnitExtraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), BioGraft which combines either FUT or FUE with HairClub’s Xtrands+ for full coverage.

C.     Members consult with a physician prior to procedures and receive ongoing support from HairClub hair loss experts.

D.    All of the above.

Which of the following is true?

A.     HairClub has custom solutions for all types and stages of hair loss.

B.     There is no charge for your initial HairClub consultation.

C.     HairClub Center experts receive training in hair loss.

D.    All of the above.



partners with our sister company Bosley throughout the United States.


Let’s tally your scores.


What is hair loss?

As HairClub medical advisor Dr. Angela Phipps explains, hair loss occurs when more than 100+ hairs fall out daily, where there is thinning or receding hair, or the scalp is visible.


Who has hair loss?

The correct answer is E. Anyone can experience hair lossand it can be especially challenging for children and women.


What can I do about my hair loss?

If you chose D., you are correct. There is noone-size-fits-all answer because a variety of factors can cause hair loss, including genetics, hormones, age, and damaging styling methods. Usingstate-of-the-art tools like TrichoView and training in hair loss, HairClubCenter experts can recommend a customized course of action.


All of the above is the right answer for permanent hair losssolutions. Through HairClub’s Bosley partners, each member will consult with a physician specializing in surgical hair restoration to determine eligibility for FUE, FUT and BioGraft. They receive ongoing support before, during and after the procedure from HairClub hair loss experts.


Which of the following is true?

The right answer is D., all of the above. HairClub is acustom provider of hair systems. We also offer a combination of therapies,like EXT Extreme Hair Therapy which marries in-center and at-homesolutions. Even members with little to no hair can enjoy a full head of hair with Xtrands+, HairClub’s whole hair replacement system. And yes, your first HairClub consultation is free!



Help is just around the corner at your local HairClub Center.


Hair loss can trigger anxiety and even depression, while having hair can restore confidence and be lifechanging. Visit our HairClub YouTube channel to see astounding before-and-after hair transformations. We’re confident once you seethe joy HairClub brings our members, you’ll take the first step into a HairClub Center and step out with the hair you’ve always wanted.


National Hair Loss Awareness Month is the perfect time to connect with HairClub. Schedule a free consultationat one of our 120 HairClub Centers near you.


HairClub. Love your hair. Live your life™.


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