Pictured above: John S. | EXT® ClientHair regrowth results shown achieved with the use of EXT® Hair Regrowth Treatment (Minoxidil), when used as directed. Results may vary.

Hair Club client John S. loved his hair—and for most of his life he had a full head of it.

In fact, John was voted as having the “best hair” in high school. In his 20s, he even became a hair model for a national hair product company. With that kind of hair history and the fact that both of his grandfathers had full heads of hair, John was stunned when a bald spot began to appear in his late 30s. He couldn’t believe hair loss was a problem he had to face.

“I didn’t understand why I was losing my hair,” said John. “I tried a few things to bring it back, but nothing worked, and I gave up. Then, I went into denial about my hair loss, and did my best to not look at the back of my head ever again.”

Unfortunately, denial didn’t stop John’s hair loss. It kept thinning as he gave up hope on the hair he’d been proud of just a few years earlier. But knowing how important his hair was to him, John’s wife recommended he contact Hair Club. Figuring he had nothing more to lose, John decided to take his wife’s advice.

Learning About Men’s Hair Loss

At Hair Club, John joined the EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® program and learned all about the hair growth cycle, common reasons for men’s hair loss and how to get his hair back by using the EXT® products± diligently. He was hesitant at first and wondered if anything could help his hair loss. But as the months progressed, he started to see results. The team at Hair Club was supportive and educated him about how hair grows and what to expect throughout his hair restoration journey. “It was kind of like being in college for the first day,” said John. “You know the information they’re sharing with you is based on years of research. They really know what they’re doing at Hair Club, and I felt very confident in the information I was receiving.”

Back to His Roots

John found it easy to incorporate the EXT products into his daily routine. It didn’t take long before it came as naturally as brushing his teeth. First, he noticed less hair in the shower drain. By the fourth month, John could actually see his own hair growing back. “It’s like I’m coming back to my roots of having great hair, where the front matches the back. I don’t feel like a facade anymore,” said John. “I feel more confident than ever. I feel healthier, like there’s a glow to me.”

Today, John is feeling grateful and like he’s got part of himself back. And his wife couldn’t be happier for him. “She’s really excited I have my hair back,” said John. “She’s the one who encouraged me to check out Hair Club and she’s been my biggest cheerleader.”

What John Wants You to Know About Losing Your Hair

John is excited by the regrowth he’s already experienced and wants to share his story to help other men suffering from hair loss. “If you have hair loss that’s as severe as mine or even remotely close to it, and you want to try something different and you’re willing to commit, I definitely recommend the EXT program,” he said. “It’s based on research, it’s based on common sense. Everything that you need to regrow your hair, they have. Hair Club is a group of professionals who care beyond just your hair. They’re amazing people!”

Whether you’ve lost a lot or a little, Hair Club can help you get your hair back. Take the next step toward living life the way you want—with a full head of hair—by scheduling your complimentary consultation today.

±Hair regrowth achieved with use of Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss.

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