In 2017, women filled the offices at a Hair Club location in New Jersey. However, these women were not Hair Club’s usual clients. They were women from a nearby women’s shelter. The employees came in on a Monday, when Hair Club is normally closed, to give the women free makeovers. The idea came from a stylist at that particular location, explained Mike Nassar, Hair Club President and COO as a guest on The CEO Forum Group podcast.

Nassar is exceptionally proud of his employees for going above and beyond. Since he became President and COO in 2017, he has made a consistent point of valuing not only the clients of Hair Club, but every individual that is employed by the Company as well. “We want employees to be elated with what we're doing, and we are constantly working to innovate and provide them with things to celebrate,” he explained. “Hopefully that will help us increase retention and those employees will stay with us for a long time.”

Keeping people around for the long haul has been a major focus for Nassar as COO. Not only is he increasing employee retention, but he’s also focused on reaching clients early and maintaining long term relationships. “Historically the company has focused on people with more severe hair loss but we're heading down the path that we can help anyone, from the preventative side all the way through.” He explained, “Some may be experiencing hair loss already and others are seeing a parent that's experienced loss and they don't want to look like the parent, so they're coming in early and asking what can we do to help…We can help anyone at any age.”

Within the past year, Nassar has doubled-down on efforts to make the Hair Club a welcoming and relaxing place for clients. “People may not know that our Hair Club centers are all full-service salons.” Even the interviewer was surprised to learn that stylists at Hair Club can cut client’s hair as well as restore it.

With a renewed focus on positive experiences for employees and clients alike, Hair Club will continue to grow under COO, Mike Nassar, increasing the joy and confidence of tens of thousands of clients as well as employees. “I truly believe that the people are what differentiates us from any other company,” he added. If you’re dealing with hair loss and want to do something about it, come in for a free hair analysis and learn what it’s like to be a Hair Club client!

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