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We are thrilled to introduce a heartwarming and remarkable story that truly exemplifies the incredible dedication and care our HairClub stylists bring to every salon appointment. Today, we share with you a letter that showcases the life-changing impact of one such stylist, Pam Howell.

January 13, 2023
IN RE: Pamela Howell
I am a HairClub client, originally signing with the Tulsa salon in February 2018. During the near five-year period in which I have received HairClub's services I have had five stylists assigned to me.
In my estimation of the finest of those has been Pamela Howell, my current HairClub hairdresser and stylist. Pam is courteous, capable, efficient, knowledgeable, and professional in services rendered. Such attributes I was brought to expect based on HairClub's original proposal for services. But Pam has done something for me I never could have expected - perhaps save my life.
Last May on a regular salon visit, Pam voiced concern over a sizeable dark mole extant on center-right side of my scalp. Of this I had long been aware, but she remarked on that occasion she thought appearance of the mole was larger, and changing. After some discussion, I agreed. She did not re-affix my style so as to allow medical examination. This I scheduled with dermatologist Dr. Jeff Alexander in Tulsa on June 9 and his clinic took biopsies for lab analysis. Alexander's office reported the following week "lab came back positive for cancer" and scheduled a referral appointment with the Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute in Broken Arrow.
On Friday, June 24, I went in for consultation with surgeon Dr. Carlos Gomez-Meade. Upon examination, he told attendants 'Pepare an OR, I do not want to wait until next week on this procedure.' The operation was performed, and I returned post-op on five occasions for stem cell treatments. I was pronounced healed and cancer-free August 25.
At that final appointment, Dr. Gomez-Meade said: "Steve, your prognosis is excellent, but if you had procrastinated on this another six months you probably would have been a 'goner'."
To readers of this note I can categorically say, Pam Howell is a superb hairdresser and stylist - but beyond this, concern for her client very likely saved my life.
Steven S.

As we reflect upon this incredible story, we are reminded of the profound impact our stylists can have on our lives. Pam Howell's exceptional attentiveness and sincere commitment to her craft fortified the bonds that unite us as a HairClub family. This extraordinary event reinforces our core belief that every interaction, every appointment, is an opportunity to make a lasting difference in someone's life.

Thank you for being a part of the HairClub family, and thank you, Pam Howell, for exemplifying the best of who we are.

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