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How To Style Thinning Hair For Men


Thinning hair can really cramp your style. If your hair loss is more and more noticeable, the number of cuts and styles you can wear may be diminishing. But, don’t worry—there are a number of haircuts and styling tricks you can do that work well for men with thinning hair.

Nobody wants a combover, least of all one that stands up when the wind blows. You’ll be glad to know there are ways to cover bare spots without being obvious. Quick tip: Keeping it on the shorter side helps de-emphasize thinning hair.

Here are a few more ideas on how to play down your thinning hair:

man with short hair on the sides


Try blending a shorter cut on the sides with a longer, more textured look on top.

This “messy” style helps makes your thinning areas less noticeable.

man with slicked back hair


Instead of a side part, try combing your hair from front to back.

This look can help add volume and cover bald spots at your crown.

man with close to military haircut


It’s not quite the military-style “high and tight”, but it’s close.

Cut your hair very short on the sides, leaving your top medium length for versatility. On the weekdays, you can wear a neat side part to the office, and on weekends, try a spiky, messier style.

man with layered haircut


If you prefer more length, talk with your stylist or barber about a layered look.

Keeping some length, especially on top, is good, but it’s best to go with a non-structured style to minimize your thinning.

man with buzz cut


If you’re looking for low maintenance, try a buzz cut.

This style keeps you cool in the summer, but don’t forget sunscreen for your scalp. You’ll find the real bonus of this close crop is that it takes the focus off any of your thinning or balding areas.

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