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Low-Level Light Therapy and Alopecia

Low-level light therapy (LLLT), has been around in the medical field for over 50 years. Throughout the years, it’s proven beneficial in treating a wide range of ailments and disorders. From pain management, wound healing, skin conditions and even for the treatment of certain types of hair loss, including alopecia.

Also known by other terms like low-level laser (light) therapy, red light therapy, photobiomodulation, photostimulation and cold laser treatment, LLLT may offer hope to men and women suffering from alopecia. Discover what LLLT is, how it works and if this form of light therapy can help you regrow hair once and for all.

Low-Level Light Therapy and Alopecia

What is Low-Level Light Therapy?

Low-level light therapy is a medical treatment that can be used in a variety of ways to treat a number of different ailments. LLLT is non-thermal, meaning it does not produce heat, and offers a safe, painless and noninvasive way to treat a number of medical conditions as well as skin issues. 

LLLT can aid in the reduction of pain and inflammation, help with tissue and nerve repair, decrease edema and assist in wound and fracture healing as well. It’s also widely used in dermatology to treat acne and redness since it helps reduce inflammation, and also by stimulating collagen production to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

The History of LLLT

LLLT was first discovered by Hungarian physician Endre Mester in 1967. Considered a pioneer of laser medicine, he discovered the healing properties of LLLT while working on an experiment to cure malignant tumors in rats. 

The initial experiment, conducted by another scientist, used a different type of laser. For his test, Mester used his own custom-made, low-power laser. He discovered that the rats exhibited an increase in hair growth as well as better wound healing. This was ultimately the first indication that LLLT could be a beneficial tool in the medical field for a variety of health issues. 

Does Low-Level Light Therapy Help Alopecia?

Research for treating alopecia with LLLT is promising. Several studies have yielded results showing LLLT to be effective in treating various forms of alopecia, including androgenetic, by stimulating hair growth. Also known as hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common, and affects both men and women. 

LLLT works by stimulating the cells within a specific area of the scalp. This helps promote hair growth by allowing the follicles to enter the primary stage of hair growth called the anagen phase. Even cells that are weak or less active have been shown to strengthen and activate, leading to hair regrowth.

Some studies even showed that the combination of LLLT and Minoxidil were even more effective than LLLT alone. 

Does HairClub Offer LLLT?

HairClub offers LLLT as part of its prevention and regrowth hair loss solutions. LLLT provides a convenient, effective way to regrow hair from the comfort of home.

Clients are able to choose from a number of medical-grade, FDA-cleared laser devices that increase microcirculation to the scalp, and deliver energy and vital nutrients like oxygen to the hair follicles. 

Learn more about LLLT by scheduling a free consultation at one of our centers today!

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