In high school, Adrian was known as the handsome and well-spoken guy who loved to act. With a commanding stage presence, he had a way of becoming the character and keeping his classmates transfixed. Pursuing a career in acting and modeling seemed the natural choice. But, in his senior year of high school, he noticed his hairline starting to recede.

Adrian’s hair loss progressed at an alarming rate. He knew thinning hair would limit the roles he could get and he became concerned about how his hair loss would affect his career. Adrian didn’t want to be known as the 18-year-old with hair loss, so he started using commonly sold retail products to hide his thinning areas.

Unfortunately, this was not a perfect solution. “It was a hassle and involved so much maintenance and time,” said Adrian. “Plus, I constantly worried about my hair getting wet or someone touching it. It was a mess.”

For the next ten years, Adrian relied on retail products and hats to camouflage his worsening hair loss. He became more and more unhappy with how he looked and eventually avoided mirrors altogether. He knew he needed to find a better solution.  

The final push came when some of his co-workers noticed he was covering up his thinning hair. “Suddenly, I was thrown into an environment where people were talking openly about my hair loss. It was hard to hear, but it was what I needed,” said Adrian.

After seeing a Hair Club commercial on television, Adrian decided to schedule his free consultation. At his appointment, he felt embarrassed when he had to remove his hat, revealing the extent of his hair loss. But, his consultant quickly put him at ease. She explained his options and educated him on the hair restoration process. “There were so many solutions for every type of hair loss,” said Adrian. “I would’ve never known that many options exist if I didn’t go to my consultation.”

Adrian knew immediately that Hair Club was right for him and, with guidance from his consultant, chose Xtrands+® the hair loss solution that fit his level of hair loss. When he returned for his follow-up appointment, he said it felt like Christmas came early. His stylist worked closely with him to ensure he got just the look he wanted. When he finally saw his reflection in the mirror, “I lit up like a kid with a brand-new toy,” he said.  

Four years later, Adrian is still a Hair Club client and can’t stop talking about how much he loves his hair. His confidence and self-esteem have skyrocketed because he looks and feels younger. “I look at myself in the mirror and I like what I see,” he said. “I don’t think about my hair anymore. Now, all those little things I used to worry about are gone.”

When asked what he would tell people who are considering Hair Club, Adrian said, “If you are curious about Hair Club, you’re curious for a reason. Get over that initial hump and make the call.”

Since 1976, Hair Club has helped more than 600,000 clients restore their hair and transform their lives. Learn more about our proven solutions then contact a Hair Club center near you for a free consultation. It’s the first step toward restoring your hair and transforming your life—just like Adrian did!

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