Shown above: Jasmine A. | Xtrands+® Client

After years of childhood ridicule that lead to feelings of embarrassment, shame and a lack of confidence, Jasmine Arteaga became a Hair Club client in 2006.

Jasmine, who was born with thin hair said, “The other children would call me ‘baldy,’ or ask if I was sick. It was extremely difficult as a little girl to understand why my hair was different. It brought me to tears many times.”

After her difficult childhood years, Jasmine attended beauty school and started to learn more about hair. She said she was tired of not feeling beautiful and wondered if there was a better way. Around the same time, Jasmine saw a Hair Club commercial on television and decided to give it a try.

The Hair Club experience is top-of-the-line; they make your hair dreams come true

“I was nervous, but as soon as I walked through the door, the staff made me feel so welcome. All my fears went away,” Jasmine said. “The Hair Club experience is top-of-the-line; they make your hair dreams come true.”

Meeting with her stylist in the privacy of one of Hair Club’s individual suites, Jasmine felt like she wasn’t alone, and there was no judgment about her thinning hair. After her positive experience in the center, she walked out of her initial consultation feeling educated, supported and beautiful.

The rest of the hair restoration process was fast*. She wanted her new look as soon as possible and Hair Club made it happen. The day she received her new hair, Jasmine admits she was feeling a mixture of happiness and nervousness. “I knew I loved it, but I started to fear what others might say,” she said.

At first, she wore her hair up, but then realized she was still hiding. When she finally decided to stop worrying about what others would say, she began wearing her hair down. That’s when the compliments really started.

Jasmine said the reactions she received from family and friends were incredible. Her mother and sisters were very emotional because they knew how much pain Jasmine had endured. They saw her change on the inside with her new look, too.

Once I had my dream hair, I changed as a person. I became happier and more confident

“Once I had my dream hair, I changed as a person. I became happier and more confident,” Jasmine said. “Then everything started to change for me–dating, life and career—all for the better. Hair Club definitely gives you confidence and makes you feel empowered, beautiful and sexy!

When asked what she would tell men and women struggling with hair loss today, Jasmine said, “I would tell them to give Hair Club a chance, because you never know how your life can change. You might miss out on a life-changing experience.”

*Xtrands+ takes 4 weeks for men & 6 weeks for women.

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