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Whether she’s working out at the gym or running drills with her squad as an army reserve officer, Lisa B. takes charge and lives life to the fullest. She is a strong, accomplished woman who loves to look and feel her best no matter what she’s doing.

Although you might not know it from her many achievements, at the young age of 32, Lisa began a very personal and private battle with hair loss. She always had thin hair, but she was surprised to find a balding area on the very top of her head. As a longtime user of hair relaxers, she blamed herself, thinking her hair loss was caused by the chemicals. To conceal her thinning hair, Lisa initially tried wearing braids, but the thinning area just kept getting bigger. Eventually, she turned to weaves and even wigs. As her hair loss continued to worsen, Lisa knew her efforts were only masking her problem, so she sought a better solution.

“When I was in training or working out at the gym, I would sweat, and sometimes, my weave would shift,” said Lisa. “The glue often smelled, so I never felt comfortable. It added extra stress and felt like a burden.”

Lisa went to a dermatologist to find out the cause of her hair loss, and to seek a solution. The doctor did an exam and told her the hair loss was due to alopecia totalis, a form of alopecia areata thought to be caused by an autoimmune condition. Alopecia totalis is characterized by the complete loss of scalp hair. This condition meant Lisa wasn’t a good candidate for surgical hair restoration. Although she was relieved to find out why she was losing her hair, she was disappointed that she’d need to continue wearing weaves and wigs.

“If you’re called for active duty, you generally have a short window to get everything in order. I often worried about my hair loss situation and potentially being gone for months,” said Lisa. “I even considered leaving the military if I couldn’t find a better answer.”

Her answer finally came one day in the form of a friend’s recommendation. Lisa thought her friend’s hair looked great and wondered if it was more than just a stylish haircut. When she asked, Lisa’s friend confessed that she was a Hair Club client. Lisa was surprised because she had always thought Hair Club was just for men. She was excited at the possibility of a new solution and made an appointment right away.

I just want to be able to do the things I love—serve my country and work out without the extra stress of worrying about my hair.

When Lisa first arrived at her Hair Club center, a hair loss expert brought her to a private room to discuss her solution options. Having a private space in which to discuss a very personal issue helped Lisa feel more comfortable. She had never let anyone see her without her weave or wig, so privacy was of the utmost importance. Lisa remembers the hair loss expert asking her what she hoped to achieve through Hair Club and her answer was simple, “I just want to be able to do the things I love—serve my country and work out without the extra stress of worrying about my hair.”

After learning more about hair loss and which proven solution would work best, Lisa became a Hair Club Xtrands+ client. Even now, Lisa is thrilled to talk about how much she loves her stylist and her hair loss solution. She said the best part is that she can shampoo and style her hair normally and she no longer worries about her hair when she works out. But most of all, she loves the way her hair makes her feel.

I finally feel comfortable

Lisa is happy that her hair doesn’t feel like a big deal anymore. Now, she can get ready to go out quickly and loves all the compliments she receives. “I finally feel comfortable. I have confidence in who I am and I don’t panic when I think about being deployed or just going out for the evening,” said Lisa. “Hair Club is the second-best decision I have made in my life–the first is my husband.”

If you’re ready for a solution to your hair loss, schedule your complimentary consultation today and discover how restoring your hair can transform your life.

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