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Michael, a 36-year-old U.S. Navy veteran, didn’t pay much attention to his hair while serving in the military. Like everyone else, Michael kept his head shaved because it was more efficient during his tour in Afghanistan. When he came home, Michael’s hair started to grow back and he realized he didn’t have as much as he did before.

At first, Michael thought maybe it was the stress of the environment that had caused his hair to thin. He tried taking supplements and camouflaging his thinning areas with different hair styles. Unfortunately, his hair didn’t return to its original fullness and people started to make comments. His wife recommended hair replacement surgery, but Michael wanted to try other non-surgical options first.

That’s when it hit me. I knew I was thinning, but I realized it had reached a tipping point

The turning point came on Thanksgiving, when he was taking photos of himself with his two-year-old son. When Michael looked at the photos, he felt embarrassed and ashamed of his hair. “That’s when it hit me. I knew I was thinning, but I realized it had reached a tipping point,” said Michael.

From that moment forward, Michael started wearing hats, but he was still determined to do something about his hair loss. That’s when he made an appointment with Hair Club. He felt skeptical at first and had a lot of anxiety. But, once he met with a hair loss expert at his Hair Club center, he was put at ease by her respectful and professional demeanor.

In a private consultation room, Michael’s hair loss expert showed him before and after images of other Hair Club clients. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was getting a real close-up view of these transformations and they looked great,” said Michael.

I was completely amazed! When I walked out of there, I felt like a rock star

Full of excitement, Michael made a quick decision to give Hair Club a try. He looked through a book of style options and chose one that was similar to how he used to wear his hair. A few weeks later, he had a full head of hair. “I was completely amazed! When I walked out of there, I felt like a rock star,” said Michael.

He posted pictures of himself on social media sites and received positive responses. Michael’s sister couldn’t believe how great he looked and kept asking what he had done to his hair. But, he kept the answer secret until he saw friends and family again at Christmas. When Michael finally revealed his new look in person, his loved ones couldn’t believe how amazing his hair looked.

“A friend, who I hadn’t seen in fourteen years, told me I looked like I hadn’t aged a day. And, I ran into another buddy of mine who said my hair looked so good, he thought he needed to call Hair Club himself,” said Michael.

Michael continues to be a proud Hair Club client today. He says he looks years younger, enjoys going out again and feels more confident. Discover for yourself how having a full head of hair can boost your self-esteem and transform your life. Schedule your free, private consultation with a hair loss expert today.

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