Hair Loss Success Stories

Meet Hair Club for Kids Beneficiary & New Client Specialist Isabelle


Isabelle is a beautiful, active 22-year-old who was diagnosed with alopecia totalis when she was just 3 years old. Alopecia totalis is a condition that results in the complete loss of hair on the scalp. Because she received a diagnosis so early in life, one of Isabelle’s earliest memories is of purchasing her first wig with her mother right before starting kindergarten.

“It was very hot, uncomfortable and looked so unnatural,” said Isabelle. “My parents raised me to understand how beautiful I was, with or without hair, so at that time, the wig was really to help other kids feel more comfortable with my condition.”

When Isabelle was 9, her mother heard about Hair Club for Kids® (HCFK), a charitable program created by Hair Club to give children between the ages of 6 and 17 non-surgical hair replacement, completely free of charge. Isabelle’s first experience with HCFK is a fond memory. She remembers how friendly, happy and optimistic everyone at Hair Club was—and how it really felt like a family.

employee and client, Isabelle, paddle boarding

Isabelle has always been a very active person. During her school years, she was a cheerleader, a dancer and she loved to swim. She credits Hair Club with making her childhood easier, because she was able to enjoy those activities without worrying about her hair.

Hair Club had such an impact on Isabelle as a child and throughout her teens, that at age 18, she decided to go to cosmetology school so she could work for the company. After graduation, Isabelle interviewed for a position as a Hair Club stylist and immediately got the job.

My confidence has gone through the roof because of Hair Club

She gets emotional when she describes how Hair Club has changed her life. “My confidence has gone through the roof because of Hair Club, even more so since I began working here four years ago,” said Isabelle. “The most rewarding part of my job is building mutual trust with my clients, because I can relate to their experience on a personal level.”

By sharing her own experience with hair loss, and how Hair Club has changed her life, Isabelle is able to easily connect with new clients. Her gift for making them feel comfortable has resulted in a recent promotion to New Client Specialist.

Isabelle before hair replacement

Hair Club lets me be myself

In September 2016, Isabelle had a red rose tattooed on her scalp in recognition of Alopecia Awareness Month. “It may sound odd, but I really feel lucky to have alopecia totalis. It made me who I am. And Hair Club lets me be myself.”

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