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Harvey has been a member for 35 years. A frequent visitor of the New York Midtown center, Harvey loves attending Yankee games and, although retired, he stays very active. He sat down for a quick Q&A to share his experience with HairClub.  

Q: Harvey, how long have you been a member?
Harvey: Come May it’ll be 35 years. When I first started, Sy Sperling greeted us at the door. He told us how he got started here in New York and I’ve been a member ever since. My mother, bless her soul, passed at 103 years old so it looks like I’ll be a member for a very long time.
Q: What are some things HairClub provides that you really appreciate?
Harvey: First of all, they have very reliable people. Many stylists have been there a long time and don’t job hop. My stylists are knowledgeable and caring. My wife Susan loves the way I look.
Q: What would you tell a friend who is looking for a solution for hair loss?
Harvey: Very reliable company. Many of the people feel like a part of your family. In Midtown, the folks at the front desk are the best they ever had. I’ve recommended HairClub to many friends over the years and so many have become Members in other centers.
Q: What do you do for fun, Harvey?
Harvey: I used to meet my friends for lunch every day but they all moved to Florida. I wake up at 4:30 a.m., read and research about investments, and day trade stocks. I eat healthy and I look and feel great. By the way your sign at Yankee Stadium could be better, it should be on the second deck.
Q: Harvey, what would you do without HairClub?
Harvey: Oof, I’d be depressed. In the rare times I’ve had problems, you folks in the corporate office always make things right. And I enjoy spending the day when I go to center by taking the train into town and having my hair done. The employees are very conscientious. Service is impeccable. I can’t imagine my life without HairClub.

As a loyal member for an impressive 35 years, Harvey's experience reflects the trust, reliability, and unwavering support that we strive to provide to each and every individual who walks through our doors. HairClub is not just a hair loss solutions provider; we are a community that embraces individuals, uplifts spirits, and fosters personal growth. Harvey's unwavering support and profound appreciation serve as a testament to the lasting impact we have on the lives of our cherished members.

Thank you, Harvey, for sharing your story, and thank you to all our members who make HairClub an extraordinary family.

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