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The Most Flattering Hairstyles For Your Face Shape


The right style can put your best features front and center. Whether your face is round, square or oval, there’s a haircut to flatter you. Bonus: Not only can the right cut frame your face, it can help thinning hair appear thicker.

Try one of these cuts at your next hair appointment and walk out feeling like a million bucks:

Hairstyles for Round Faces

man with round face

Short Cuts

The choppy pieces in a short cut add dimension and height to the top of your head, helping to lengthen your face and accentuate your eyes.

older woman with round face

Medium Length

Slim a round face with a cut that skims your collarbone. Shoulder-length hair can break up a rounded jawline with a style that doesn’t curve under your chin.

young woman with round face

Long Styles

For long hair, layers are the name of the game. Scatter layers near your ends to keep volume on the bottom and away from the sides of your face to avoid extra width.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

woman with square face and short hair

Short Cuts

Short, uneven layers bring the focus up towards the top of your head, away from your jawline. Try subtle bangs to emphasize your eyes.

woman with square face and medium hair

Medium Length

Disguise a square jawline and add volume with feathery layers that fall around your shoulders. Part your hair on the side for an asymmetrical look to help soften the angles of your face.

woman with square face and long hair

Long Styles

Keep your length towards the back and trim the sides and front into airy layers that fall just beneath your chin. This style helps increase volume and tempers a strong chin.

Hairstyles for Long or Oval Faces

man with oval face and short hair

Short Cuts

Angular cuts that add width on the sides work well for longer face shapes. Try switching up the side of your part for instant lift and volume.

woman with oval face and medium hair

Medium Length

An elegant shoulder-length cut with subtle layers keeps your hair from lying flat against your head, which can elongate your look.

woman with oval face and long hair

Long Styles

Long, side-sweeping bangs help add width to an oval-shaped face. Couple those bangs with a long, layered style to decrease the weight of your hair and add volume.

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