Stylist Spotlight - Shelly Myers

Spotlight on our Staff

Here’s Shelly, a long-tenured stylist from one of our Texas centers. A thirty-five-year employee and two-time employee of the year winner, Shelly is loved and appreciated by the members she serves and the employees with whom she works. For fun, she likes the outdoors, bowling, and is an avid volunteer for her local rodeo committee. We asked Shelly:

Q: How many centers have you worked in?
Shelly: New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Nashville, Memphis, and Omaha.
Q: What are some technological and service enhancements you’ve seen since you’ve been with HairClub?
Shelly: Our hair systems have come a long, long way. Even in the last few years, our systems now have a wide variety of bases, textures, and lengths & colors. Not to mention we have so many more solutions than we used to, like Restorink, Xtrands, and our fabulous EXT therapy!  
Q: What do love most about working at HairClub?
Shelly: It’s a great company, offering good benefits and phenomenal employee support. In every step of the way, Hairclub helped me in my times of need. They always have my back.
Q: What’s a success story you’d like to share?
Shelly: We’re discreet so I won’t share names, but long ago I performed a hair service on a high-profile member. When he left he told me it was the greatest he ever looked! Stylists who work for HairClub love those moments, and I was very pleased to see him so happy because he left looking and feeling great.
Q: Finally Shelly, what sentiment would you like to share with our esteemed members?
Shelly: When you look great, you feel great!

Shelly's success story, although discreetly shared, resonates with all HairClub stylists who take immense pride in those transformative moments when a member leaves the center looking and feeling their absolute best. These are the moments that fuel their passion, knowing they have made a profound impact on someone's confidence and self-esteem. We extend our deepest gratitude to Shelly for her incredible dedication, to all our stylists who continuously go above and beyond, and to our cherished members who inspire us to reach new heights.

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