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Who Loses More Hair? Men or Women?

We asked HairClub Medical Advisor and star of TLC ‘Bad Hair Day’ Dr. Angie Phipps, who really loses more hair? Men, or women? 

“On average, hair loss in men is more common than in women, however, hair loss in women is at a percentage that might surprise people,” says Dr. Phipps. “It is estimated that somewhere between 50-70% of men and up to 40% of women experience hair loss and the percentage affected in both is determined by the cause, and there are several different possible causes of hair loss, with genetics/heredity being number one.”

Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

Hereditary hair loss, or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of this progressive hair loss in men and it can range from mild thinning to total baldness, occurring suddenly or slowly throughout a lifetime. Over time, alopecia causes hair follicles to miniaturize and produce thinning hair.

By contrast, women’s hair loss can occur due to a litany of factors. Stress and depression are known causes of hair loss in women. Women, especially Black women, are more likely to suffer a condition called traction alopecia, due to excessive styling, sewing in weaves, braiding, pulling and relaxing hair. 

“Women also suffer from postpartum hair loss, an entirely different type of hair loss which targets women who have recently given birth,” says Dr. Angie. “This happens due to hormones and a temporary condition called telogen effluvium.” 

The Cleveland Clinic researchers estimate that as many as half of women will experience noticeable hair loss. And a study by dermatology clinical fellows and doctors affiliated with the NHS Barts Health Royal London Hospital revealed that women who experience high levels of stress are 11 times more likely to experience hair loss than those who did not report high stress levels. 

HairClub is welcomes anyone with existing hair loss or who wants to prevent hair loss from occurring in the future. Solutions like our Xtrands+® full hair replacement and EXT Extreme Hair Therapy® are among HairClub’s most popular hair loss solutions. The first step to getting the hair you want is to schedule a free consultation. 

What to Expect from Your First Visit

Your first appointment is complimentary, and includes a comprehensive hair health analysis. A Hair Health Expert specially trained in hair loss will examine your hair and scalp. During this initial consultation, men, women and children regardless of age or type of hair loss, will receive TrichoView, HairClub’s imaging technology seen here in this video. TrichoView magnifies images of the surface of the scalp by 50 times. This cutting-edge technology allows for viewing the density of your hair beyond what the naked eye can see. In a private room, your Hair Health Expert will compare healthy growing areas to thinning areas and broadcast a digital scan for you to see on screen in real-time. 

Once your Hair Health Expert has determined the stage of your hair loss and discussed your TrichoView results, together you and your HairClub team can make an informed decision and choose a customized solution that best fits your life, budget and hairstyle.

HairClub Hair Health Experts have helped more than 600,000 HairClub Clients with hair loss solutions. HairClub’s Hair Health Experts are excited to meet you. We can’t wait to help you change your life and get your hair back.

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