Your thyroid is a gland, shaped like a butterfly, that’s located in the front of your neck, just under your Adam’s apple. Thyroid disease can cause the hormones produced by this gland to rise or fall to unhealthy levels—and a common side effect of this hormonal imbalance is hair loss.

Your hair follicles follow a natural cycle of growth, resting and shedding. At any given time in the cycle, most of your hair is growing, while only a small percentage of your hair is resting. Changes in your body can throw off that balance. When these changes disrupt the growth phase of your hair, or put more of your hair prematurely into the resting phase, the ultimate result can be noticeable hair loss and thinning.

Hair growth depends on the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. An overactive thyroid, also called hyperthyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, also called hypothyroidism, can cause changes in the health of your hair and your hair’s growth cycle, among other symptoms. Sudden weight gain or loss, moodiness and anxiety, tiredness, and insomnia are just some of the other symptoms associated with thyroid disease. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. A simple blood test can determine if your thyroid is out of balance.

Getting your hormone levels back to normal can take some time. You may even notice continued hair loss during the first month or two of thyroid treatment. Plus, it can take your hair several months to grow back. But, you don’t have to just accept hair loss. While you want to ensure you’re eating a hair-healthy diet full of protein and B vitamins, explore our hair loss solutions that can help you get the hair you really want. Our non-surgical hair restoration solutions can give you the look you’ve been dreaming about with the flexibility to try a new style, length or color.

See the results for yourself and learn how Hair Club has helped over 600,000 men and women restore their hair and transform their lives.

For informational purposes only. The exact cause of hair loss can only be determined by a medical professional.

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