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Up Your Style with These 6 Distinguished Haircuts


A sleek, new cut is a great way to ramp up your style. Want to try something different and looking for a little inspiration? Ask your barber to give you one of these stylish looks:

man with side part


Dan M., Xtrands+® client


Side Part

Define the natural division in your hair with a short cut that parts on the side. Try switching your normal part to the other side of your head for instant lift and volume. Finish with a shine spray for a smooth and glossy look.

man with layered haircut


Peter T., EXT® client and Hair Transplant*


Layered Cut

With the sides and back short, the top is left longer so it can be styled to suit your mood. Get this dimensional look by using a pomade.

man with natural curls


Gary J., Xtrands+® client


Natural Curls

If you have curly hair, make the most of it. Cut neatly around the sides and back, this style leaves the top slightly longer to complement the natural texture of the hair. A curl-enhancing product will help you achieve this look while moisturizing and defining your waves.

man with tapered cut


Justin K., Xtrands+® client


Tapered Cut

Texture is the name of the game with this style. Hair is cut shorter in the back and slightly longer towards the front for dimension and body. Try a pomade or styling taffy to mold and shape hair in any direction.

man with brushed up hair

Israel S., Xtrands+® client


Brushed Up

This modern look is on trend and can be styled using your fingertips, a blow dryer and the right hair product. Add volume to this cut and get flexible hold with a sculpting gel.

man with caesar cut

Neil L., Xtrands+® client


Caesar Cut

This classic cut is stately and sophisticated. Hair is layered near the crown while the back and sides are tapered. Comb short bangs forward and style using a bodybuilding mousse.

Love the results these clients got with Hair Club? Learn more about our non-surgical options. Talk to your barber about which cut works best with your hair’s texture and the shape of your face. No matter which one you choose, these cuts will have you feeling stylish and ready for anything.