Combining the FDA-approved regrowth agent minoxidil with advanced cleansing agents and a nutritional supplement, EXT® Extreme Hair Therapy is an easy, economical, and proven way to slow or prevent further hair loss. With just a few minutes a day, you can keep your hair from thinning further, stimulate growth, and even improve the look and fullness of your hair.

While EXT® isn’t right for all women, 81% of female participants in clinical trials saw a substantial increase in hair thickness and more than 78% reported a noticeable improvement in hair growth while using minoxidil, the active ingredient in EXT.**

How it works

Most of the EXT® system is applied in the shower, replacing your shampoo and conditioner and adding an enzyme scalp cleanser that removes the scalp buildup and sebum oils that can impede growth of fine and thin hair. This advanced cleansing process also improves the effectiveness of minoxidil for women and men, an FDA-approved hair loss remedy which is applied twice daily. You’ll also take a nutritional supplement with your morning and evening meal to improve the overall health of your hair and scalp. This proprietary formula, available only from Hair Club, provides a fusion of vitamins (B3, D, E, and Biotin) and herbal remedies (saw palmetto and nettle) that have demonstrated benefits in slowing or preventing hair loss.**

Ongoing support for optimum performance

Once each month we’ll supplement your EXT® regimen with an in-house hair and scalp treatment at your local Hair Club Center. These therapy sessions are a key element of your hair growth program, allowing you to chart your hair growth progress through a private online digital reporting system. You won’t just see the difference in your hair; you’ll feel it in your life.

Is it right for you?

EXT® works best for women who are just beginning to show signs of hair loss. If you’re happy with the way your hair looks today and just want to prevent further thinning, EXT® is an ideal solution.

While EXT® is a proven and inexpensive technique for keeping hair loss at bay, it can’t always replace all of the hair you’ve already lost. You should also be aware that any results gained using EXT® will be lost if you stop using it, because your hair will start to thin again without continued treatment. If you’re looking for more dramatic results, the women’s hair replacement process and in rare cases, hair transplant surgery may be better choices. If you opt for surgery, a post-surgical EXT® regimen will help to maintain the state of the existing, non-transplanted hair.

** Minoxidil and EXT supplements are not available for purchase in Canada.