Simply put, hair replacement is the fastest and most thorough way to get your hair back. Less expensive than surgery, it delivers the best-looking hair available in the industry, making you look even better than you did before. For more than three decades, hundreds of thousands of men in North America have used this proven method to get their hair back… though you’d never know it if you met them.

The secret is Hair Club’s exclusive Bio-Matrix Strand-by-Strand® hair replacement procedure. Using an individually-tailored process that matches real human hair to your own, Hair Club’s licensed cosmetologists create a natural look that fits your skin tone, facial structure, and age to give you a seamless, natural look that’s stylish and natural looking.

You’ll never have to worry about applying your hair replacement yourself. Replacement strands are attached to a virtually-undetectable matrix of transparent fibers held in place using the Polyfuse® method, an invisible medical grade adhesive that holds for weeks at a time with no maintenance.

Look and feel great while enjoying an active lifestyle

Men who work in front of cameras, in sales, or in other roles that have high public visibility often choose Hair Replacement for its style, versatility, and dramatic results. Bio-Matrix looks and feels natural because it’s real hair, hand placed in a natural pattern to match the way real hair grows. Style it, swim in it, blow it dry, or do anything else that you would with your own hair. Your Bio-Matrix can handle fingers running through it-yours or someone else’s.

What is Polyfuse®?

After years of testing, Hair Club developed an alternative to the woven foundation method called the Polyfuse® method. The application is very simple. First, a skin-compatible polymer is applied around the perimeter of your healthy side hair. Then, the filament network of the Hair Club exclusive Bio-Matrix Strand-by-Strand® system is applied to the polymer. This creates a fusion between your hair and your new hair.

The Polyfuse® method required years of testing because of the difficulty in developing a polymer that could fuse the new hair with your own and last several months. An additional benefit of our exclusive Polyfuse® method of attachment is that it is virtually undetectable – even to the touch.

See the results for yourself.