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Stop Living With Hair Loss

Get the natural-looking hair restoration results you want. Our dedicated hair restoration experts will customize a solution to fit your individual hair loss needs and budget at our discreet location in Atlanta. Whether your hair loss concerns are big or small, old or new, we guarantee that no matter the solution you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the look and feel of your new hair.

Why Hair Club Atlanta?

  • We put you first. We want you to leave our center feeling relaxed, refreshed and confident.
  • We’re enthusiastic about what we do. We take great pride in in improving the lives of others on a daily basis.
  • We value customer service. We take an ethical approach to customer satisfaction and are willing to work with you to ensure you are beyond satisfied.

We know that you’re busy. That’s why in addition to standard hours, we’re open late weeknights and weekends for your convenience. Don’t worry—we’re sensitive to your privacy—our hair restoration center is unmarked in a professional space to ensure your experience is convenient and confidential.

Get Your Hair Back...Look And Feel Your Best

While most hair restoration companies offer a one-size-fits-all treatment, Hair Club’s 40+ years in the hair loss industry has allowed us to develop safe and effective hair restoration solutions that can be customized especially for you.

Schedule your consultation now or give us a call to learn more about our proven hair loss solutions.

We're here for your hair

Backed by 40 years of research, the experts in Atlanta are committed to your satisfaction, while fully taking care of your hair loss problem.

  • Safe, effective solutions customized for any hair type or hair loss level
  • Certified experts invested in your hair transformation
  • Flawless, undetectable results
  • Private location in unmarked professional space
  • Late weeknight and weekend operating hours
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • FREE diagnostic Hair Analysis

Still have questions or concerns? That's OK! A Hair Loss Expert is available to you for FREE. All you have to do is come in. Check availability.

4.5 Reviews
Mar 07
- I have been a Hair Club member since 1998. The Atlanta center has an excellent team, starting with Donna. She goes out of her way to make sure we receive the best possible service. I have had the pleasure of using a great majority of the stylists and this is an exceptional team.For the most part, the quality of the hair units are very good, however sometimes there are a few challenges. Not sure if you use the same manufacturer all the time.Hopefully you continue to offer specials when it comes to the hair products or use a punch card, whenever you purchase 10 products, a free one offered ( an incentive).I hope this review is viewed and the Atlanta Center gets there just accolades. Thank you, Bud Tarreto
0.5 Reviews
Nov 16
- I concur with the greatness of the staff. Personally I'm not satisfied with my hair final outcome. Hair seems to be worst prior to starting the plan.Eloise
0 Reviews
Mar 02
- Donna is the face of Atlanta HCM. She has a wonderful personality. She makes you feel special & tries to please customers. Victotia is my special stylist. I wear my hair short & she always gives me great cuts & always gets the color perfect. I am sorry she has gone part time, but I understand. There Are some other good stylist too. Prices are a little high for me since I am retired,but worth it. Maybe you should have a special rate for older customers. Thank you.
5 Reviews
Oct 30
- Pam and Donna are wonderful people that any company would be pleased to have on their team. Plus, they always talk very positively of the HC.
3.5 Reviews
Oct 29
- Donna and Jared at the front desk.
4 Reviews
Oct 08
- All the staff members were very nice, respectful and made me feel comfortable about discussing my hair loss.
4 Reviews
Oct 07
- Donna, at the front desk, is super sweet. Michelle and Janet are great stylists.
5 Reviews
Sep 01
- The price point is reasonable provided you get consistent quality in the hair systems. Hair color and texture vary system - sometimes amazing other times dry and color fades quickly. Range of hair Products is also nice with good quality. There are many wonderful staff at HCM but by far Donna N is one of the standout employees. She is professional, very helpful, always courteous and kind, and is amazing with customers and in booking appointments. One of the best in the business. The stylists are also very talented and professional including Victoria, Janet, Pam, and Dawn. I've been seeing these folks for 10 years plus now.
5 Reviews
Aug 15
- Donna is the most helpful person you can imagine. In addition to making the schedule work, she makes everyone feel special. I honestly believe I am the most special customer she has. I think everyone feel that way. I have never had a problem she could not solve.
3 Reviews
Aug 15
- Donna is the person with which I have the most contact. She is wonderful about scheduling, finding me a stylist that I like, and finding openings when cancellations occur. My main stylists, Janet, Michelle, and Tanya, do a great job of making me feel comfortable, and giving me a great haircut. I really haven't have a bad experience with a stylist yet, in 14 years!
5 Reviews
Jul 29
- Donna at the desk makes everyones day
5 Reviews
Apr 23
- I had an issue with my hair, and TJ worked with me to solve the problem. It made me feel special, and I feel great. I recommend HC to all my friends.Ethel
5 Reviews
Apr 15
- Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable of the products offered. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable about being a member of hair club. They do a tremendous job of scheduling your appointments around your schedule. I have been a member for 2 years and have had a great experience.
5 Reviews
Mar 25
- I've been with HCM for close to 25 years. Guys at work used to call me Spot for the hair loss in the back of my head. The first time I had it done (braid/ouch) it looked natural and I've been here ever since. I've known Donna and Dawn and Janet for so long, I wouldn't know what to do if they left. Yea, I'd follow them anywhere. I highly recommend anyone suffering from any kind of hair loss to make an appointment and talk with one of their professional consultants. Their commercials say it all. You don't have to be bald unless you want to.
5 Reviews
Mar 21
- The people at the Atlanta center treat you with utmost respect and my last visit with Teresa was extremely helpful. Teresa cares about you as an individual and the way you look. There is no rushing you through with Teresa, she makes sure that you are informed of how to care for your scalp and the unit you are wearing. Teresa has a very bubbly personality that adds to the Hair Club experience.Thank you to the people at the Atlanta Center: Donna, Garrett and Mike. And a special thank you to Teresa on my last visit.Bud T.
5 Reviews
Mar 12
- I have been going to HCM for over 20 years. No one has ever been able to tell that my hair is not naturally all mine. In fact, from the very first I got loads of compliments and over the years people remark how good my hair looks. From the start I let my hair grow kinda long so that when I got the addition at the same time I got a much shorter hair style. I never tried to hide the fact that I started hair additions, and in the beginning when I tried to hint to them that it was not just a new hair style, they still could not get it. They thought my new shorter hair style made me look wonderful. As my hair began to turn grey, with the help of HCM we figured out how to color the gray to keep me with a natural look. The staff has become my friends.
5 Reviews
Jan 08
- The level of professionalism and customer service that Hair Club gave made me feel like they had a personal connection with me as an individual. I am more than pleased with the hair transplant i received from Dr. Ballon and his team. In addition the care that I have gotten after the surgery and follow up phone calls have been great. I opted to have the EXT treatments after surgery and have to say its been like going to a Spa getting my hair cut, shampoos and scalp massages. I will continue the treatments after the transplant in an effort to keep my hair and scalp healthy. After trying Hair Club I would have to say that Hair Club has earned my business and they truly know how to provide customer service.
4 Reviews
Dec 27
- I have discovered ways in which to keep my beautiful tresses from shedding as I age. I have always enjoyed my visits and finally found a hairdresser that is the most clever, witty, and awesomely talented creature alive!!! So glad I found the Hair Club!
5 Reviews
Sep 30
- Everyone was very helpful! - Danielle S.
5 Reviews
Oct 24
- I love my experience. Excellent choice for me I went in for a consultation out of curiosity and found this to be the perfect solution for my hair problem. The staff was very helpful in providing information on procedure(s) to insure that I was completely informed and satisfied with my choice. I constantly receive complements on the appearance of my hair and the styles that are so becoming. This is the most natural appearance I have ever had and I am delighted.
5 Reviews
Sep 16
- good experiences. I first noticed I was losing my hair when I was 18 or 19 years old. By the time I was 23, it had become very noticeable. I became very self-conscious about being in my early 20's and going bald. I was originally reluctant to go to Hair Club, but I was completely hooked the first day. I can't imagine going back to where I was before. My self-confidence had improved; I don't worry about what people think then they see me. I work out, and stay active, and I rarely even think about it. - MICHAEL
4 Reviews
Jul 17
- GREAT PEOPLE. HCM Atlanta has great people, great service, and a great product. They will go the extra mile to solve any issue you have. Very happy. -BILLY J.
5 Reviews
Mar 01
- Hair Club for Men and Women All the hair professionals at Hair Club, from the front office to the doctors, are the finest in Atlanta.You will find the office staff there is No.1 and ALL their Stylists are great professionals with nothing but the clients needs in mind.I would highly recommend anyone suffering from hair loss to make an appointment and talk with one of their professional consultants. They are very easy to talk with, incredibly understanding and will give you all of your options depending on your type of need. They will educate you with all the available treatments and options. They are incredibly helpful and will treat you with the utmost respect.Do not wait; just make an appointment and talk with will be glad you did. -Ralph G.