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Ms. Woman Colorado Battles Hair-Pulling Disorder with New Hair Loss Solution, Sets Sights on National Title in June

30 May, 2017

For a budding beauty pageant competitor, battling a severe hair-pulling disorder could be a major detriment to enjoying a successful career. Unless that beauty pageant contestant happens to be Heather Meyer, reigning Ms. Woman Colorado.

Since Meyer was ten years old, she’s had trichotillomania (TTM), a compulsive hair-pulling disorder that’s caused her stress, thinning hair, and several bald spots.

According to Mental Health America, trichotillomania is a repetitive behavior classified as an impulse control disorder, which involves pulling out one’s hair in any region of the body, particularly the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelids. Occurring more frequently in females, it’s estimated that 2%, or 1 out of 50, adults and teens suffer from TTM.

“I have struggled with my self-confidence, particularly around my TTM and hair,” said Meyer.

Despite her disorder, Meyer was drawn to the pageant world and began entering competitions. When she competed, she used everything from wigs and sew-in extensions to clip-on hairpieces to disguise her bald spots. But, her pageant career really took off as she was preparing to compete for Ms. Woman Colorado.

“I was going to have a hair stylist I’d never met or worked with before,” said Meyer. “The thought of someone doing my hair who wasn’t familiar with my condition or working with my extensions genuinely frightened me.”

Around the same time, Meyer heard about a new hair loss solution called Xtrands+®, developed by the hair loss experts at Hair Club, and decided to approach the location in Denver about a sponsorship. After learning the solution includes using a client’s own hair to maximize thickness and fullness, Meyer began receiving services immediately at Hair Club Denver and has been using Xtrands+ ever since.

“I wish I had known about and contacted Hair Club years ago,” said Meyer. “For me personally, my hair (maybe due to my TTM), was the one thing I did not take care of regularly. Now, I have bi-weekly appointments set up and look forward to my salon days.”

The Xtrands+ solution has given Meyer a significant confidence boost. She went on to win Ms. Woman Colorado 2017 and is now preparing to compete for Ms. Woman United States, being held in Orlando, FL from June 30th through July 8th.

“Hair Club has given me my confidence back and my urges to pull out my hair have drastically decreased,” said Meyer. “I’m forever grateful for that.”

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