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Joey Logano & HairClub Shine a Light on Alopecia

March 14, 2023

BOCA RATON, FL – The banner read, ‘Ask Joey!’ And when Joey Logano answered, everyone leaned in to listen. The massive HairClub sign positioned in the grandstands of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum served its purpose, to start a conversation about alopecia.

“There is nothing wrong with talking about hair loss, though people try to hide it and not talk about it, but people are going to ask about it,” said Logano in an In Depth interview with Graham Bensinger. “Thousands and thousands of people are dealing with alopecia, and with this platform, you can help people by talking about it and saying, ‘I have hair loss, too, and I am not ashamed of it.’ ”

Hair loss is a subject not everyone is brave enough to openly discuss. But Logano isn’t the type of person to step back from a challenge. He steps toward it.

A champion since childhood, Logano was just seven years old and winning junior stock car championships. He snagged wins in the Pro National Championship, making him the youngest title winner in NASCAR Legends history. And Logano achieved 14 straight wins at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He is a two-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion and has achieved more than 30 career NASCAR Cup Series wins including the Daytona 500.

When it came time to confront his early hair loss, he chose HairClub as his partner.

“I formed a relationship with HairClub and they had a great option for me,” Logano said. Logano gave his social media followers a sneak peek into the beginning of his hair journey, roaring up in a four-wheeler and running his fingers through his new hair.

He captioned the big reveal, saying: “For years I’ve battled with alopecia and early hair loss. Many don’t notice since I wear a hat or helmet most of the time. I decided to do something about it, and I couldn’t be happier. The great people at HairClub found the perfect solution for me and my busy lifestyle. If you are battling with alopecia and/or hair loss, HairClub may be able to help you as well.”

And at the exhibition Busch Light Clash, the racing world collectively gasped upon seeing the reigning NASCAR champion’s new hair at the inaugural event of the season. Since then, the airwaves have been abuzz with support for Logano and others who have alopecia.

Multiple media outlets have picked up the story of Logano opening up about his hair loss.

Logano’s wife noticed his hair loss after a haircut. They discovered it was caused by alopecia. The condition is an autoimmune disorder in which cells in the immune system encircle and attack hair follicles, which are responsible for growing hair. Like so many people with hair loss, at first, Logano thought he just had to accept it. But through HairClub, he found solutions for his specific condition.

HairClub CEO Mike Nassar is a devoted NASCAR fan. Nassar is excited Logano has become a HairClub Member and about the role HairClub played in getting Logano his hair.

“We are all proud to support Joey in sharing the message that you don’t have to live with hair loss,” said Nassar. “We welcome him to the HairClub family of more than 600,000 Members we’ve helped regrow, replace or restore their hair with proven solutions for early to advanced hair loss.”

Millions of people suffer from hair loss, which can cause anxiety and a lack of self-confidence. Cutting-edge technology has evolved to include proven hair regrowth solutions and custom hair replacement systems that are meticulously hand-made to look and function just like naturally growing hair. Advances in this technology have helped HairClub take a giant leap forward since its inception nearly 50 years ago.

HairClub Members with even the most advanced hair loss can sport a full head of hair with a solution like Xtrands+. Early hair loss sufferers can utilize hair loss options like EXT Extreme Hair Therapy and FDA-approved laser therapy to stave off hair loss and keep hair healthy, thicker, and growing as they age.

Confronted with his own early hair loss, Logano expressed an interest in helping young people with the same condition.

“HairClub helps kids through the HairClub for Kids program, and just like HairClub had a fix for me, they probably have a fix for everybody,” he said in an Associated Press story.

Logano referenced his foundation as a possible partner with HairClub to help children suffering from alopecia.

“We’re looking forward to future opportunities where the Joey Logano Foundation and HairClub will be able to work together to help children and young adults in need, too,” he said.

A free initial consultation with HairClub is the first step to addressing hair loss and choosing a solution, regardless of whether hair loss is in early or advanced stages.

“As the leading provider of solutions in North America, HairClub has 121 HairClub Centers and more than 600 Hair Health Experts specially trained in hair loss,” said Nassar of the company that recently celebrated 46 years in business. “We have a solution for HairClub Members with any type of hair or stage. Hair loss is progressive, so if you haven’t visited your local HairClub, now is the time.”

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