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Press Release

Real Life Super Heroes Act for Children

03 Oct, 2017

What do Superman, Hair Club® and sick children in Iowa have in common?

Hospitalized children in Iowa have super heroes on their side — and Hair Club helps a local Superman look the part.

The Iowa League of Heroes (“The League”) is a community outreach group established in 2004. This dedicated group of people, expertly outfitted as superheroes, has banded together to provide everyday, real life heroism to sick and terminally ill children by regularly visiting them in local hospitals and homes. The League strives for its members to have an authentic look, and each member has invested hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the design and fabrication of their costumes, as well as purchasing parts to complete their look.

“We believe children fighting for their lives deserve a higher standard,” said Matt Morgan, Iowa League of Heroes Co-Founder. “We want to make sure the kids don’t see just a guy or girl in a costume, but a ‘real’ hero in a suit. When parents reach out to us, we jump in to do good.”

One of those heroes is Dan Medeiros, who is the League’s official Superman character. The comic book legend is known for his thick, dark hair and dashing good looks, along with his unwavering mission to fight evil in the world. 

Medeiros has the chiseled features, but he didn’t always have a full head of hair. He turned to Hair Club in 2009 to help him get his hair back, which in turn, helped him achieve the image needed to make his role as the Man of Steel realistic and believable. Dressed in full costume, along with Xtrands+®, a non-surgical hair loss solution Dan received from Hair Club, he bears an uncanny resemblance to Clark Kent and his alter-ego.

Working with the League, Medeiros and his cohorts have visited more than 100 children at a variety of hospitals throughout Iowa, including Blank Children’s Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Childserve, Rankin Jordan Pediatrics Hospital and the University of Iowa Hospital. Many of the young patients who have received these special visits are suffering from very serious, even life-threatening conditions.

“Some of these kids end up in the hospital for weeks, months, even years, and they need a reason to smile,” said Medeiros. “The children we visit see superheroes as strong and unbreakable, a force that can battle and triumph over anything. To bring even just a single smile to a child that lives with constant hardship is more rewarding than I could ever describe.”

Medeiros and the others who participate in The Iowa League of Heroes dedicate their personal time to these special causes and are open to visiting any hospital or organization throughout the Midwest and beyond. For more information, visit

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