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8301 E 21st St N Ste 360
Wichita, Kansas 67206
(316) 500-6751
Welcome to HairClub® wichita

The Wichita HairClub is in the Capital Federal Building on the south side of 21st Street just east of the Bradley Fair Shopping Center. The center is conveniently located within a few miles of all major highways and interstates, making our treatments easily accessible and simple to find no matter which direction you’re coming from. When you arrive at our center, you’ll be met with an enthusiastic staff ready to create solutions for your unique hair loss needs. Here at the Wichita HairClub, we value long-term relationships with both our staff and our clientele. Our team is comprised of seasoned stylists with the experience and knowledge to create custom styles to give you hair you’ll absolutely love.

Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Friday 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Prevention & Regrowth

Whether you’re protecting against potential hair loss, or your hair is just starting to thin, our preventative and regrowth options can be your first line of defense.

Hair Replacement

Achieve transformation on your terms. Hair replacement is the quickest and easiest way to get full, natural-looking hair, ideal for moderate to severe hair loss.

Hair Transplant

Our cutting-edge FUE and FUT surgical procedures offer permanent restorative solutions for those with enough healthy follicles for hair transplants.

Additional Services
RestorInk<sup data-lazy-src=
Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) fills in frontal and temple hairlines, your crown, bald spots, or scars by applying a pigment and keratin blend to give the appearance of greater hair density from any distance.
See RestorInk®

Hair Club Wichita is located in a beautiful 4 story beige building with a red tin roof and a Capitol Federal sign on top. A bank drive through area is located on the NW side of the building.


PARKING: Parking is available on both ends of the parking lot. Parking is free. You can enter through the glass double doors facing the North 21st Street entrance.


PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Phone: 316-265-7221 214 S Topeka Wichita, KS 67202


IMPORTANT NOTE: On Saturdays the front door to the building is open until 12PM. The doors will close after 12PM. Please have all clients call the center and a center staff will come down to let the customer in.




  • From the North: Take K96 to the Rock Road exit
  • Head southbound on Rock Road to the 21st Street intersection
  • Turn left (east) on 21st Street
  • We are located on the right side of the road in the Bradley Fair Office Buildings

  • From the South: Take K96 to the 13th Street exit
  • Head westbound on 13th Street to the Rock Road intersection
  • Take a right (North) on Rock Road to the 21st Street intersection
  • Then take another right (East) on 21st Street
  • We are located on the right in the Bradley Fair Office Buildings

  • From the East: Head West on Eastbound 21st Street
  • We are located on the left, just before the 21st and Rock intersection, in the Bradley Fair Office Buildings

  • From the West: Head East on Westbound 21st Street
  • We are located just east of the 21st and Rock intersection on the right hand side in the Bradley Fair Office Buildings
Additional Directions
We are on the south side of East 21st Street North, and east of North Bradley Fair Pkwy.